Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Harper's Island

"One by one."
Henry and Trish are getting married on Harper's Island, where they met and grew up together. Six years ago Henry's best friend Abby's mom was killed by a guy named John Wakefield on that island, and she damn near didn't come to the wedding because of it. But arrive she did, and it turns out that was a bad idea because now the wedding party are getting all kinds of killed and all the deaths seem to be Abby-related.
The first few episodes are kind of dull and very soap opera-y. It starts to pick up around episode six or seven, and then around episode eleven or twelve it took another turn and I kind of stopped caring again.
Harper's Island was interesting and entertaining, but it absolutely wasn't what I wanted it to be. There was too much interpersonal drama and soap operainess, not nearly enough murder mystery.
I have to give the show credit, though, in making me care about characters I didn't think I could ever care about. Most of them are snooty rich people but the writers put in the effort to make them human, and I actually cried at a few of the deaths.
The show also gave me really screwed up dreams, which is a total downside. Maybe I shouldn't have watched the whole series in one day.

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