Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The movie starts out horribly, brutally violent with Lucie getting revenge on people who abused her fifteen years previous. Then the second act takes a turn for the weird. Then the audience (or me, at least) figured out where the movie decided it was going to go and the (what felt like) hour it took to get there was mostly tedious and dull.
I don't think it was intended to be tedious and dull. I think it was meant to be harrowing. It just didn't do anything like that for me. I wanted it to get where it was going. It did eventually pick up again and wander back into somewhat interesting territory. It just took the scenic route through Okay I Get Itville.
Martyrs is the other movie Mark gave me and, after Inside, I was expecting another impossible to watch cryfest. It wasn't, not for me at least. The beginning is hard to watch but it was the most interesting part of the movie. The turn for the weird really ground everything to a halt as far as I'm concerned. Action stopped and some lady did a lot of talking. And then we took the trip into I Know Where This Is Goingland.
Honestly, it could've stopped at the end of act one (act two? I'm not sure how many acts movies have). It would've, for me at least, been a far more interesting movie. The title wouldn't have made any sense, but I would have been rivited through the whole thing.

End of line.

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