Sunday, October 10, 2010

Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer

Really, Movie Lottery? After the hell you put me through with Inside you couldn't give me The Ghost And Mister Chicken? Seriously?
Actually, I guess it's a testament to how fucked up Inside is that Henry barely affected me.
The thing I noticed most about Henry: Portait Of A Serial Killer is that I personally wouldn't categorize it as a horror movie. It's a meandering, almost plotless but quite violent and disturbing drama. It's a Weird Movie About People that happens to be Based On True Events. The true events being the doings of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas. Oh joy.
You know what? I feel bad for Michael Rooker. I've never ever seen him play a nice man. Not once. I'll bet he's perfectly pleasant in real life, but he never gets to play anything other than serial killers and asshole dads and corrupt cops. And maybe that's fun for him, but it tends to make audiences hate him.
Anyway, as for a review of the movie itself, I don't know. Overall it was, to me at least, a Weird Movie About People, which is one of my least favorite genres ever. They're always depressing and plotless, and Henry is not an exception. It's the least exceptiony it could be.
I don't understand why I like, for instance, Natural Born Killers but not this movie. They're both full of senseless attacks on people who probably don't deserve it. Maybe it's a style thing. This one just isn't my cup of tea. Didn't sit right with me. No bueno.
It is, however, a pretty well respected movie in the horror realm, and I can see why that is. It's certainly disturbing. I once read a story (whether or not it's true I do not know) that Michael Rooker was running late to a screening of Henry and, on his way in, literally ran into a woman who was running away from the movie. She looked up at him and started screaming. I hope it is true, 'cause it's a good story and it pretty well sums up what the goal of the movie is.
I do kinda feel bad for the lady in the story, though. I'd be scared, too, if I ran into Michael Rooker in my attempt to escape him. That's like the world's scariest Looney Toons gag.

End of line.


JustinCase said...

Yes, the story about the scared lady running into him is true. For Mr. Rooker as a non-villain, heck out Cliffhanger, JFK and Tombstone (okay, he switches from bad to good in Tombstone). And were you aware he was a repo man in the short film of Repo!? I hear he is actually a really nice guy, just so good at being bad.

Anonymous said...

He plays a jerk in Eight Men Out, too, just for the record.

Sally said...

I had heard he was in the Repo! short film. I'd love to see that but I guess due to contracts with the union they're not allowed to release it.
I'm glad Michael Rooker really is a nice guy.