Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Thus endeth Movie Lottery: The Revenge. Guess it's time to go buy up a bunch more movies I've never seen. Movie Lottery is becoming a bit of an addiction for me. It's fun. I like the luck of the draw aspect and I like the fact that I picked all the movies so if I really hate one, I have no one to blame but myself.
Except Inside; that one is totally Mark's fault.
And Red is Robert Englund's fault; I never would have given it a second glance if he wasn't in it. I want to see the new movie that's called Red because I guarantee you it'll be a hundred times better than that godawful dead dog movie.
So, yeah, Movie Lottery = Good and as soon as I get a job I'll probably start a new one up.
For now, though, I have to talk about Hide.
I am a sucker for villain protagonists and outlaw love stories. I have no idea what it is about them that draws me to them; maybe it's the fact that I am and forever will be a goodie two shoes that I'm fascinated by badasses and evil fuckers. That would be my guess. At any rate, I love The Devil's Rejects, I love Natural Born Killers and, what do you know, I love Hide.
Once upon a time, Billy and Betty went on a killing spree, which ended in Billy getting arrested. He went to prison for seven years until, while being transferred from one state to another, Betty smashed the prison truck he was in and busted him loose. Now they're going to find the money he stashed and take that trip to Bolivia they were planning when they got caught.
But Billy's not the man Betty remembered. He feels bad now about all the things he did. So he spends a lot of time talking about souls and redemption and his feelings and junk, which annoys Betty.
Then, about two thirds of the way through, Hide's cousin Straight To Video Horror Movie reminds Hide that it totally promised him a job, so Straight To Video Horror Movie takes the rest of the movie on a bizarre left turn.
Good times!
It's not the greatest movie ever made, there's a lot more talk than action and Rachel Miner was almost impossible to understand (I'd bet money her Sourthern accent wasn't real). It entertained me, though, and that's all that really matters as far as this blog is concerned.
I don't have any sort of deep reasoning for it. I just like this kind of movie, that's all.

End of line.

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