Friday, October 8, 2010


Remember how I said Dimension Extreme is good to go to for "entertaining horror movies for a rainy, unemployed afternoon?" Sometimes that's not true. Sometimes they're also good for "brutal French movies that make you wonder why you're alive."
Funnily enough, there was a preview for Inside on Steel Trap, to which my reaction was "Oh, hell no; I'm never watching that." I wasn't thinking about the fact that it was one of the movies my mom's friend Mark had given me and was waiting patiently for me in the Movie Lottery Box.
I should point out that there are two kinds of horror movies I don't do well with:
1) Ones about babies or pregnancy (Even A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child upset me; I'm a wuss when it comes to baby horror; there's a reason I've never seen It's Alive or Grace)
2) Ones about being trapped and helpless in a house (I'll point out again that The Collector terrified me, as did Them and The Strangers. Hell, the first time I saw House Of 1000 Corpses I was a bit of a wreck; just an enthusastic wreck)
Inside is both of those.
Four months after the car crash that killed her husband, nine-months-pregnant Sarah is attacked in her home by a crazy woman. Sarah locks herself in the bathroom. Lots of people die.
The movie is extremely bloody and extremely serious. By halfway through (probably even before that, actually) I was curled in a ball, crying and sobbing, smacking myself in the head and wishing it was over so I wouldn't have to be watching it anymore. I do not leave movies unfinished unless they're terrible.
Which Inside wasn't. It was smart, it was scary, it was gruesome, it was well acted, it was well made. Nothing about it was a bad movie. But, oh, it is so not my kind of movie. I don't have the emotional stamina to ever watch it again.
The main thing that got to me, though, was that they kept showing CGI shots of the unborn baby reacting to the attacks on its mother. It seemed like every time the tears started to dry up they'd show one of those and I'd lose it again. The movie's hard enough to watch, you know? Actually seeing the baby, even if it is a cartoon, just makes it a thousand times worse.
We all know I'm not really into serious horror because it either bores me or completely drains me, and Inside definitely falls into the latter. I can't say it was bad. I can't say I don't recommend it. I recommend it with a disclaimer, but it's worth watching if you have the emotional stamina to deal with it.
Basically, I recommend it to people who are stronger than I am.

End of line.

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Anonymous said...

It's not that you aren't strong. You are an empath. That's extremely difficult sometimes. Especially when other people just don't get it.