Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Friday The 13th

Second on the low-on-plot, high-on-carnage double feature I watched last night (I love it when Movie Lottery picks a theme for me), we have Jason Voorhees 2.0.
Some guy is looking for his sister who went missing and a bunch of assface fratboys and their dumbshit girlfriends are staying at a fancyass summer house, which happens to be in the same general area. When the assfaceiest of the fratboys becomes too much of an assface, the least dumbshit of the girls goes off with the sister seeker to help him out. Meanwhile, Jason is stalking through the shadows killing everything that talks, most of whom deserve it.
Again, there isn't a whole lot of plot. There's some gratuitous sex and nudity (why did that chick take her top off to go water skiing? Because she could), there's some drug use, there's even some dialogue scenes, but the main point of the movie is Jason stalking through the woods and slaughtering everyone. Which he does with gusto. And it's awesome.
It was weird how much this had in common with Field Of Screams, actually. It had a little more plot, and some of the machete fodder were actually kind of likeable (to make up for that they had the Assfaceiest Fratboy, upon whom I would have wished a slow and prolonged death even if he weren't in a slasher movie), and it definitely wasn't a comedy. But it had the same setup:
"Here are the basic plot points you need to know. Good, that's out of the way. Now start the killing machine!"
Good times.

End of line.

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JustinCase said...

Definitely the best of the F13 films, I think. Too bad they're wussing out on the sequel...but they didn't really leave the door open, did they?