Sunday, September 12, 2010

Final Destination

When you've got almost nothing but horror movies left in Movie Lottery: The Revenge (I think there's only one non-horror left in the bunch) and you're pretty sure most of them are humorless, it's probably not the best idea to watch one of them when you woke up depressed and the day isn't doing you any favors. That's probably a good time to put on The Emperor's New Groove or Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure. Something fun. Something happy.
But, feeling it's your duty (and you skipped a day or so anyway) you pull a slip of paper and watch what the Movie Lottery has bestowed: Final Destination.
Should've gone for Bill And Ted.
Let's just say it didn't improve my mood. That's not to say Final Destination is a bad movie. It just doesn't help when you're already down. It's too serious.
Devon Sawa plays a kid who has a vision of the airplane his class is taking to France exploding. So he freaks out, screaming that the plane's going to crash and they have to get out. Security tries to remove him, he says "Fuck that, I'll remove myself!" (I loved that line) and one of his classmates starts a fight with him. So Devon Sawa, Captain Pickafight, Pickafight's girlfriend, Sawa's best friend, a late arriving passenger, a teacher and a random girl who believes Devon Sawa all get off the plane, which explodes.
And when Death figures out that it missed a few, it gets pissed.
For the most part I really liked the movie; the premise was interesting and the action scenes were cool. It just wasn't the right movie for my mood; there's a lot of focus on people mourning and really reacting to the deaths that are happening around them. It's depressing.
Also, there's a whole lot of "nobody believes the one person who knows the truth" in the plot, which is something I always hate. It makes me tense. It also makes sense that nobody believes this guy, mainly because Devon Sawa's character does and says a lot of stuff that makes him look crazy or guilty or crazily guilty.
I have to say, I like Devon Sawa. I didn't back when I was in junior high and he was considered dreamy (he's not my type) but now that I've actually seen him in stuff (he's great in Idle Hands) I think he's a good actor and wonder why I haven't seen him in anything lately. Where did he go?
What really bugs me, though, is why did Captain Pickafight pick that fight? I mean, Devon Sawa was already being escorted off the plane. He didn't do or say anything to Captain Pickafight directly, his freakout had absolutely nothing to do with Captain Pickafight. Did the scriptwriters just decide one of the survivors needed to be a total asshole who you wanted to see get killed? There's no reason for it; the guy doesn't start throwing punches until after Devon Sawa has already decided to get off the plane. If he'd just stayed in his seat he could've blown up with everybody else and not spent the whole movie being an angry dickhead.
I'm just saying.

End of line.

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JustinCase said...

Love how you're calling the stupid jock "Captain Pickafight", fits the character perfectly. I think horror movies like asshole characters because then the audience will cheer when they're offed, lightening the tone. And it's too bad you didn't have the second one: it's over the top and much less serious, more of a "fun" flick than the more "horror" first installment. Have the first three, but I've never actually watched the third. I'll have to get around to that someday.