Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2001 Maniacs: Field Of Screams

The vengeful ghost residents of Pleasant Valley have just been told they can't hold their Guts 'N Glory Jamboree anymore because the cop they've been bribing is being investigated by the FBI. So they kill his ass and then take to the road and settle in Iowa, where they hijack the crew of a parody of The Simple Life.
And that's about it for plot. There really isn't one. 2001 Maniacs didn't really have a plot, either. So it's not really a problem. The problem I have with this (and the first) movie are how long it takes to really start getting to the carnage. There's a couple of kills early in the movie, but then there's a lot of talk and "character development" and gratuitous sex. Which is fine, but there's too much of it. I came here for carnage, damn it!
Oh well, once the blood really starts flowing it's relentless and I love that.
Field Of Screams is less cohesive than its predecessor and there was one Big Lipped Alligator Moment that just bugged me: Where do spirits from the Civil War get references to 1980s pop culture? There's a part where Granny Boone and three other Pleasant Valley residents put on tights and ripped sweatshirts and do a Flashdance dance while Granny Boone sings a song about being cannibals to the tune of Maniac. Nope. I ain't buying it. Sure, the whole movie's pretty dopey, but that one's just too stupid. It serves no purpose and it isn't as funny as it's supposed to be.
Bill Moseley did a fine job taking over for Robert Englund. I'm still anxiously awaiting the day they're actually in a movie together (this was supposed to be it, but Robert Englund had to drop out) but until then I'll have to settle for seeing them both play the same part. Much as I love Bill Moseley, I wasn't completely convinced he'd work as Mayor Buckman. I was wrong; he brought his glorious hamminess and nobody else could deliver the line "Hey two eyes; suck my Dixie!" with such panache.
I also love Lin Shaye in everything I see her in and, Flashdance sequence aside, she's totally awesome in this. Kevin "Nivek Ogre" Ogilvie was also a lot of fun, even though Doc Harper was pretty much just Pavi again, only without the accent and stolen face. No worries, though. We all love The Pavi.
As for the "good guys," I hated them all. I love it when you don't feel sorry to see any of them go. Every single crew member of The Simple Parody (I can't remember what they actually called the show) was disgusting and awful; the only two who I didn't mind were Rome and Tina Sheraton, the Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie knockoffs; they had no real personality traits other than being kind of dumb. The rest of them, though, were fucking awful, and it just made all the waiting for the killing to really start all the more annoying.
So it's a little slow and a lot plotless, but who cares? It's fun!

End of line.

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