Friday, January 11, 2013

Home On The Range

I remember when this movie came out it was advertised as Disney's last classically-animated movie; everything after this was supposed to be obvious CG animation, which I remember thinking was terrible for two big reasons:
1) completely abandoning real animation for entirely CG animation is stupid and short sighted
2) Home On The Range looked like a lousy movie
And it turns out I was right on both counts.
Luckily, Disney realize they were being stupid and have since released at least one classically animated movie, The Princess And The Frog, which is much better than this nonsense.
Remember the mid 1990s when pretty much all animated features were ill-conceived and not very good? I guess that was a trend Disney decided it wanted in on and so they came up with this crap.
Three cows, Belchy The Show Cow, Tone Deaf McDitz and Uptight British Cow In The Old West For Some Reason, discover the little farm they live on is going to be auctioned off because the woman who runs it is poor and the bank wants all the money. Or something like that. So they set off to try to save the farm, hoping to capture and collect the reward for Alameda Slim, the cattle rustler who robbed Belchy of her first home.
Also thrown in the mix are A Peg Leg Rabbit, A Bounty Hunter Stereotype, A Fanboy Horse and Steve Buscemi.
There's little character development and the plot is minimal but the plot exposition still manages to be clunky and hard to follow. The closest thing to a good song the movie has is Alameda Slim's big yodeling number where he hypnotizes all the cattle but "good" in this sentence basically means "just as forgettable as all the other songs but, unlike the other songs, I didn't dislike it while it was on."
Country music. Yech.
I mainly watched Home On The Range because I was curious about it and because someone told me there was a cool Pink Elephants On Parade-esque sequence, which turned out to be the yodeling number, and was not as cool as he led me to believe.
Overall my curiosity was wrong and my gut reaction was right: Home On The Range sucked.

End of line.

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