Friday, January 18, 2013

Dream Casting: Clue (part two: the revenge!)

A couple years ago I posted a list of who I would cast in a remake of Clue. That list was poorly thought out and twisted in an attempt to cram as many actors from Leverage as I could. I'm not pleased with it. (In fact, I deleted it. It's gone now.)
So I'm trying again. Here's hoping this one goes a little better.

Colonel Mustard - Chris Hardwick
Miss Scarlett - Naomie Harris
Mister Boddy - Mike Patton
Mister Green - Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Mrs. Peacock - Helena Bonham Carter
Mrs. White - Christina Ricci
Professor Plum - Robert Downey Jr.
the chief - Eugene Mirman
the cook - Sally Zybert (why shouldn't I put myself in my fantasy version of this movie? It's not like I gave myself a lead role or anything)
the cop - Mike Phirman
the motorist - Eugene Hutz
the singing telegram - Alisa Burket
Wadsworth - Gary Oldman
Yvette - Sheri Moon-Zombie

Be seeing you.

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