Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Open Letter To Kevin Williamson

Yes, my review of Scream Four was an open letter to Kevin Williamson, too, but I have something more to say.
Occasionally people who I don't expect have a tendency to find my blog and I had a sudden strong feeling that Kevin Williamson would be one of those people. Just in case, I'd like to say the following:
If you, sir, have found my review of Scream Four and if it offended you, I apologize. I write what I'm feeling the moment I'm feeling it and often don't give myself time to dwell on movies. I like to strike while the iron is hot, as they say.
I did like Scream Four, but I did not love it, and I feel like it would have been much better had you done something entirely different.
I really do hate that whole "The Rules" thing, but I've hated it for years and years. I honestly do believe it's ruining horror movies.
I also hate Sidney Prescott, but that could be more my problem than the movies'.
While I'm here, I also hate the line "What's your favorite scary movie?" because scary is subjective and my favorite horror movie (in fact, my favorite movie) is House Of 1000 Corpses. I wouldn't say it's my favorite scary movie, though, because it does not scare me. Few movies do. But that doesn't mean I don't love horror movies.
Also, in the scene when Kirby is answering trivia questions, when Ghostface says "What's the remake of the movie where the killer-" and then Kirby rattles off the names of a bunch of movies that have been remade rather than let them finish the and then actually answer the damn question? That was annoying. I would have liked to know what the question was going to be. I enjoy trivia games and wanted a chance to play along.
Also, that "What movie started the slasher craze?" is a terrible question for a trivia game because it has no answer. It's entirely debateable. Some people believe it was Peeping Tom, some believe it was Psycho (the two of which came out the same year, by the way, and Psycho was far more popular so, even though Peeping Tom may have been released first, Psycho would be more likely for starting a new trend seeing as at the time all Peeping Tom did was ruin Michael Powell's career. It is a fine film and is considered a classic now, but it took decades for it to get the praise it deserved), some believe it was Black Christmas, which wasn't mentioned at all in the scene. You can't put that in your movie and call the answer absolute truth. Now a bunch of idiots who like to act like they know everything are going to go around spouting that as gospel without doing any real research.
Hey, what do you know, I'm getting worked up again. Sorry about that.
I started this letter as an apology and then ended up attacking you again. I didn't mean for that to happen.
Well, you got a reaction out of me, which is better than making a movie about which I can think of nothing to say. And Scream Four was definitely better than Paranormal Activity. And it might be better than the first Scream (though that isn't necessarily saying much; Scream Three is my favorite of the bunch. But I don't think you wrote that one.)
Anyway, I just wanted to say that, if you are reading this Kevin Williamson, I had no intention of offending you. I just wanted to get into an argument with your movie.

End of line.

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