Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jay Sherman Speaks On My Behalf

Do you like Cinderella but wish it contained more murder?
Sunny Ella by Sally Zybert (hey, that's me!) is the classic story of Cinderella, if in the classic story Ella lost her mind after years of abuse.
The book has it all: a fairy godmother, a wicked stepmother, a handsome prince, singing mice, unnecessary surgery, stabbing and a Rapunzel vampire story thrown in for good measure.
Sunny Ella is inexpensive, not very long and took me three years to finish. I'm very proud of it. It is available for various e-readers and in classic book form. Links to all possible purchasing options can be found at
My goal is for the book to become popular enough that Conan O'Brien will have me as a guest on his show. If it reaches Twilight-proportion popularity (you know, where people hate it without ever having read it), so much the better.
I love you.

End of line.

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