Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hanna starts out really good (if you ignore all the deer guts in the first scene) and then, after about the twenty minute mark it all kinda goes ppbbbbbtttht.
I'd say it's when it gets to the desert is when it falls apart. 'Cause the introduction to Hanna and her father is interesting, the scenes of Hanna in the government facility are awesome (with an exclamation point) and then after that the movie sort of loses its way and becomes mostly about Hanna's interaction with a British family and, specifically, the obnoxious daughter in said family.
Honestly, if I had known it was a coming of age movie I wouldn't have watched it. Or I would have at least waited for it to come out on video. I couldn't have completely avoided it because Tom Hollander is in it. He had bleached hair and wore jogging suits and spoke with a German accent and he was not in it nearly enough. (I heart Tom Hollander!)
Cate Blanchett was okay; not great but acceptable. And it turns out I can't really tell the difference between Eric Bana and Jim Caveizel. (I figured out it was Eric Bana when I realized I wasn't getting smarm-tastic vibes from him. Jim Caviezel seriously skeeves me out. I don't know how he managed to get cast a Jesus.)
Luckily, the movie eventually gets to a point where Hanna ditches the family and the story turns back toward action, and I got interested again. I just could've done without most of that in between stuff.
Also, I still feel confused. The movie does make an attempt to explain things, and I think the people who made the movie thought they did a satisfactory job. I, however, am an easily confused moviegoer and I am still a little lost.
But I did love the action sequences. And Tom Hollander.

End of line.

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Kate Grey said...

I heart Tom Hollander too. Thanks to you, I now know who he is. I didn't know while I was watching Hanna who the actor was, I just knew I liked how he played the character.