Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Washingtonians

So it turns out George Washington, in addition to being the first president of the United States and a supposedly honest dude, was a filthy cannibal. When a guy stumbles across a letter that proves as much, a George Washington cult (the titular Washingtonians) do everything they can to retrieve the letter and preserve their legacy.
This is one of the better Masters Of Horror episodes I've seen. It's well paced, parts of it are genuinely creepy and disturbing, there's a fair amount of gore and there's some rather sick humor scattered throughout. I think it's the only Masters Of Horror episode that's made me laugh out loud.
The problem is the humor is kind of the episode's downfall; right when shit starts to get serious (or seriously fucked up) it decides to go for the laugh instead. The mood whiplash didn't work for me.
The episode could've given me nightmares and made me scared of the dark for a few days (it happens; The Collector made me scared of the dark for almost two weeks) but instead I'll praise it as entertaining and funny with some very dark scenes instead of as the disturbing masterpiece it could've been.

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