Saturday, March 26, 2011

House Of Fears

House Of Fears is a fun one; I'm glad I stumbled upon it.
The main characters are mousey Samantha, her bitch-and-a-half stepsister Hailey, Hailey's guy-she's-sort-of-dating Carter, his best friend Zane, the skankily-dressed-girl-Zane-has-a-crush-on Candace and her token-black-guy boyfriend Devon. Zane works at a haunted house attraction called House Of Fears, where guests walk through nine different sections representing different fears (although one of them is "sharp knives" which is kind of lame compared to things like "death," "the dark" and "losing your mind"), and the six main characters think it would be great fun to sneak into the attraction and give themselves a pre-opening private tour.
Little do they realize that the woman who runs the House Of Fears recently acquired an ancient cursed little statue that has the power to turn the attraction into a House Of Fears That Come To Life And Kill Your Ass, and now the six friends have to face their fears (clowns, scarecrows, sand-drowning, being buried alive by a Billy Corgan monster, that sort of thing) and find their way out of the attraction.
And that's about it. Set 'em up and knock 'em down, turn off your brain and enjoy the ride. Sure, there's some interpersonal teenager drama (Zane and Carter decide to swap dates which causes Hailey to pout, boring stuff like that) but mostly it's a chase movie through some pretty cool sets.
There was a really well executed hall of mirrors scene and the evil clown set was brightly colored, which is almost always gets things on my good (or at least my aesthetically pleased) side.
And if that House Of Fears were a real attraction (and not possessed by an ancient cursed statue) I'd totally go to it. It looks fun.

End of line.

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