Thursday, June 10, 2010


Possessed is a movie I bought for a dollar at Amoeba and, thanks to lack of reliable translation and the suspicion it might also be a bootleg, I can't find any information about it online at all.
A kid is possessed by a ghost and kills his mom and sister. Then the ghost moves on and possesses somebody else, claiming it wants revenge. There's a priest grieving over the death of his wife (I guess he became a priest because she died) and a couple who used to date hosting a TV show about supernatural goings-on. They're all involved with the angry ghost, too.
The movie was kind of choppy and hard to follow (which was not helped at all by very, very iffy subtitles. For instance, a priest talked about how Sedan tries to make people lose their faith in God. Apparently my car is evil) but I bet if I had watched it at night and hadn't been falling asleep it would have been pretty creepy.
Slow moving ghost stories are not good viewing for the sleep deprived.

End of line.

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Anonymous said...

Get thee behind me, Sedan!
Or I'll run you over with my four-door Satan.