Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wishmaster: The Prophecy Fulfilled

You know how I really liked Wishmaster? How I thought it was clever and interesting and underrated? Wishmaster: The Prophecy Fulfilled is the opposite of that.
Admittedly, it's the fourth Wishmaster movie, so it's almost guaranteed to be inferior to the original. But it was just such a bummer to see the series fall so far. This was almost like a Lifetime Original Movie.
Admittedly, I didn't see Wishmasters 2 and 3; the series may have deteriorated gradually and making the leap from 1 to 4 is what made the change in quality so obvious.
Again the movie starts with explanation: If you wake up a Djinn you get three wishes, and when the third wish is granted all the Djinn's demon buddies take over the world and have a demon party.
The Waker (as they call her) in this movie is Lisa, whose boyfriend decided he didn't love her anymore when he became paraplegic and refuses to believe that she still loves him ('cause she couldn't possibly love a wheelchair dude). Meanwhile, their lawyer has a thing for Lisa, but the Djinn kills him and steals his face pretty much immediately, so we don't get to see much of him.
Well, we do, but he's an evil genie now. And he's just not convincing as the Djinn. When the first movie's genie guy got himself a human face he was still creepy and interesting, and he still had his Djinn voice. This guy loses the Djinn voice when he takes human form, and he's completely uninteresting and not the least bit scary or menacing. He's just some yuppie guy who happens to have magic powers. Yawn.
So Lisa makes three wishes, but the third one is a wish the Djinn can't grant for her because it has to do with her being in love, and human love cannot be faked or whatever (apparently the Djinn work under the same book of Da Rules as The Fairly Odd Parents).
So the Djinn's demon buddies are getting annoyed that they're not free even though three wishes have been made, and there's a Hunter who wants to kill Lisa to guarantee her third wish is never granted, therefore preventing the apocolypse.
It sounds way more interesting than it actually was.

End of line.

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