Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2

Po deals with the fact that he was adopted while he helps the Furious Five save the world and kung fu from an evil peacock.
I liked Kung Fu Panda 2, but it didn't feel entirely cohesive as a movie. I spent most of the movie feeling like it was very close to the beginning. Then, in the last five minutes, it felt like the end. Kung Fu Panda 2 has no middle. At least, that's how it feels.
And it has a lot of really funny moments but overall I remember it as a crying movie. All the scenes with Po's dad, for instance, especially the scene where he explains how he adopted Po. (Thing that didn't help: The filmmakers used actual sounds of a human baby crying for the sound of baby Po crying.)
It was good, though. I liked it. Gary Oldman was, of course, wonderful as the evil peacock and, unlike the first movie, I didn't despise Tigeress this time around, so that's an improvement. And the funny moments were very, very funny.

End of line.

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