Thursday, July 14, 2011

Horrible Bosses

The previews for Horrible Bosses were pretty bad. They made it look, at best, unfunny and, at worst, upsetting. And, to the previews' credit, parts of the movie were kinda upsetting.
Luckily, the unfunny part was entirely false. I can't remember the last time a movie made me laugh that hard.
Admittedly, I'm biased toward the Charlie Day. Not only is he incredibly pleasant to look at, but he's got great comedic delivery. There's a reason he's my favorite person on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (two reasons, actually: the two I mentioned. Great delivery and extreme good-lookingness). He was, in fact, the only reason I agreed to see the movie at all.
In the end, though, the whole cast was spot on. Even Jennifer Aniston, who I ordinarily do not like, did a great job. I still didn't like her but that was the point. She is a Horrible Boss.
The premise: Three guys have horrible bosses. Jason Bateman's boss is Kevin Spacey, who is ... I believe the onscreen description of him was "Total Fucking Asshole." He psychologically tortures Jason Bateman because he's Kevin Spacey and he's good at playing that kind of character. (In Swimming With Sharks he played pretty much the same character and got paper cut tortured as a result. I never did finish that movie.)
Charlie Day's boss is Jennifer Aniston, who sexually harasses the hell out of him. And, sure, I think the man is beautiful but this bitch crosses, like, every line. Just because he's pretty doesn't make it justifiable.
Jason Sudekis starts out with an awesome Donald Sutherland boss, but he doesn't last and is replaced by a disgusting Colin Farrell with a combover and a cocaine addiction. (Right before the movie they showed a preview for the Fright Night remake (which looks fantastic) wherein Colin Farrell plays a vampire who looks like the opposite of his Horrible Bosses character. It was a nice juxtaposition.)
None of the three protagonists can get out of their jobs for one reason or another (career sabotage, love of the company, criminal record, that kind of thing) and finally decide their bosses need to die.
The rest of the movie is your typical comedy of errors. Except not typical because I ordinarily don't like that kind of movie and I loved this one. I don't know why or how Horrible Bosses succeeded where other movies of the genre fail, but I know it isn't entirely the Charlie Day factor because I was laughing just as hard at moments that didn't concern him at all as I was at his scenes.
I also liked seeing my uncle's name in the end credits. (If you'd like to see it, too, it's the last one listed under Set Dressers. Yay, Uncle Ricky!)

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I didn't know he worked on that! Or did I? Maybe I did and forgot? Do I have to see it now? Hmmmmmmm...