Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Three Lives Of Thomasina

I happen to love old Disney Studios movies. They're charming and always better than you expect them to be. I'm not going to run out and watch Old Yeller or anything (I know better than to do that) but I think Disney's old live action movies are quite underrated. I'm not sure why I never saw The Three Lives Of Thomasina before today, but meh. Things happen.
Andrew McDhui was a widowed veterinarian in Scotland in 1912. He had a daughter named Mary, who had a cat named Thomasina. Mary loved Thomasina, dressed her in doll clothes, let her eat at the table and slept with the cat in her bed. Andrew wasn't a fan of the cat being spoiled and spent a lot of time lecturing people about spoiling their pets. He also showed no signs of sympathising with people whose pets he had to put to sleep.
One day, Thomasina got wounded very badly and, at the same time, a blind man's dog got hit by a milk truck. While Andrew was performing surgery on the dog, Mary busted in with her cat and demanded he save her. The dog lived through his surgery and the cat didn't make it (sort of?). The entire town decided the vet should've put his daughter's happiness before the welfare of a blind man and the kids in town try to make Andrew leave (nobody mentions that if Andrew left town, so would Mary). Mary, meanwhile, plays the "you're dead to me" card against her father to an extreme measure.
Also, there's a woman who lives in the woods who everybody thinks is a witch because she's really good with animals. Or something?
The Three Lives Of Thomasina is, now that I think about it, a very episodic movie. Which makes sense because I've heard it was originally a Wonderful World Of Color movie, shown in three installments. I hear tell there's about fifty minutes of movie that got cut for the VHS version, but I don't know if that's true.
Anyway, long story short, I liked it. It was entertaining, it was cute and charming and parts of it were very stressful. Patrick McGoohan punched some people (like he does), Karen Dotrice was adorable (and very good at the stoney silence thing) and Matthew Garber is my favorite child actor ever (my mom says he reminds her of Ringo Starr and I'm inclined to agree).
There was only one thing I was kind of bummed about. You see, when I was a kid, the cover of the movie was a shot of the cat at the foot of a long staircase and lots of golden light surrounding her. It looked like a cat about to board a UFO. Obviously I thought Disney had made a movie about a cat that was an alien. (There was also a movie called The Cat From Outer Space; I think I thought they were the same movie.)
The cat's not an alien. She's kind of a snooty bitch but she's not an alien. And that sucks. So the five year old me would have been disappointed that the movie wasn't what she thought it was. I was mostly okay with it, but I still think it would have been cool.

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