Monday, March 10, 2014


You know how I'm always bitching about pop-culture-reference-laden, self-aware slasher movies populated entirely by unlikeable teenagers? Detention is exactly that.
I really fucking liked Detention.
Here's the thing: the movie bills itself as a slasher movie. I first heard of it via an article in Fangoria. I found the DVD in the Horror section at Amoeba.
Detention is not a horror movie.
Detention is a parody of teen movies, all teen movies, and an great deal of slasher movies are teen movies as well. So Detention has elements of slasher movie, including a villain named CinderHella (which cracked me up because about two days ago a friend of mine suggested that name as an alternate title for my book). But I wouldn't throw it into that category.
It's a comedy, a smart one, the kind of parody Not Another Teen Movie probably wanted to be.

End of line.

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Anonymous said...

I left a comment and then forgot about choosing an identity and lost my comment. What did I say? Oh, that when I saw that trailer at first I was thinking it didn't look like your kind of movie at all, and then suddenly it did. Glad it was fun. Now I have to prove I'm not a robot.
Signed, Gax