Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Lords Of Salem

The novel this time, not the movie.
What I mainly want to say is that I think it's fascinating that Rob Zombie managed to tell essentially the same story that the movie tells but with almost none of the same things happening.
Where the movie is beautiful and hypnotic, the book is mostly just kind of gross. I'm sure if what's in the book had been put into the movie, I still would have liked it. But I don't think I would have loved it the way I love the movie.
The book tells more than the movie does, explains more about the effect that the Lords's music has on the women of Salem, which was interesting. But something about that, something about the drastically different dream sequences and the only-vaguely-similar scene progression didn't sit right with me.
They're very different entities.
I like the movie much, much better. (I wonder what the verdict would have been if I had read the book first.)

End of line.

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