Friday, February 22, 2013

All The King's Men

I had no intention of watching All The King's Men but I tend to leave my TV on TCM (Turner Classic Movies, not Texas Chain Saw Massacre; it would kinda blow my mind to watch TCM on TCM) and I got all sucked in.
The movie is about small time hick Willie Stark who gets into politics and immediately becomes corrupt and terrible. Or maybe he was corrupt and terrible the whole time. I wasn't really paying attention at the beginning.
It's a really interesting drama with a really cynical view of politics. In other words, it's nice to know politics has never changed in the history of forever.
The story is told by a guy named Jack who works for and really believes in Willie, long after he really should know better. And everything is incredibly dramatic: affairs, drunken car accidents, paralyzations, impeachments, bribes, put upon families, mysterious disappearances and an old grandpa laughing at a police report about a man beating his wife again (my favorite part of the movie for its sheer what the fuckitude; seriously, old man hears police report saying "so and so is beating his wife again" and he starts chuckling heartily. So fucking funny).
Sadly I knew that there was only one real ending to the story but the perpetrator of the ending act wasn't who I thought it would be. So at least there's that.
Not a bad movie. Thanks, Turner Classic Movies.

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