Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Monster Squad

"One hundred years before this story begins... It was a time of darkness in Transylvania... A time when Abraham Van Helsing... and a small band of freedom fighters... conspired to rid the world of vampires and monsters... and to save mankind from the forces of eteranal evil... They blew it."
So now it's up to The Monster Squad to clean up Van Helsing's mess.
Count Dracula is leading Frankenstein's Monster, the Wolf Man, a Mummy and a Gillman in a campaign to take over the world. There's a magic amulet that, if smashed at midnight on a certain date, will throw off the balance between Good and Evil and the monsters will rule.
Luckily, this is an '80s movie. That means the kids in the movie are smart, resourceful wiseasses. They know what's going on and they will save the day.
Members of the Monster Squad are the Sean, the leader; Patrick, his right-hand man; Horace, the token fat guy; Rudy, the token tough guy and Eugene, the token fraidy-cat. For good measure, we also have the One Adult Who Knows What's Going On and the Adorable, Precocious Little Sister.
They know their stuff when it comes to monsters, challenging each other to figure out a way, other than a silver bullet, to kill a werewolf. They're on the job the second they figure out there's a threat.
The movie is fun and light and a good all-ages monster movie. I have to admit I never actually watched it back when I was little and my brother rented it a lot. I did, however, memorize everything he told me about it so I could tell my friends at school about it. (I was too afraid to watch horror movies when I was little, but in spite of that I was still a fan.)
If I had been brave enough to watch The Monster Squad back when I was six, though, I would have loved it.
Extra points go to Duncan Regehr as Count Dracula. I don't know if it's the fact that they didn't try to tack a pointless, cheesy love story onto him or what, but he is the most dignified, effective and downright meanacing Draculas I've seen. (In spite of his costume, which looked like it came from a Halloween store. It was one of the more expensive Halloween store Dracula costumes, but still, it's not great.) I would not mess with this particular Dracula.
And there are some Draculas that I would totally start a fight with if I needed to.

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